The small big-impact production company.

Björnhult is a small, highly passionate production company specialized in making artistique, brand building visual content for all channels. Since we started in 2014 we have worked with some of Sweden’s finest brands and organisations:

Max Burgers
Ikano Bank

We know film.

It would be quite crazy to run a production company without knowing everything there is to know about cameras, formats, storytelling, frame-rates, drones, sfx, sound editing, script writing, lightning etc. We are not that crazy.

We know people.

Are you looking for a hipster-bearded guy, who can play pinball with one hand while drinking your brand new organic wheat drink with the other, to star in your commercial? We know him.

Need a singer-songwriter how can write an ode about your smart travel sized toilet paper? We’ll find her for you. Fact is we can find whomever we need for a successful production – so you don’t have to.

We know this.

If you are into paying big bucks for everything from a fancy reception to stellar storyboard drawings, catering and loads of people on set that you have no idea of what they actually do, then we’ll probably disappoint you. But if you want a lot of quality bang (that would be film) for your bucks, look no further. We do everything from music videos to documentaries and commercials. What can we do for you?